Proces optimisation

Import data from your accounting software and avoid errors with our extensive set of verifications.


Transfer information from the previous accounting year. Quickly navigate through the sofware via hyperlinks and the advanced search functionality.

Regulatory compliance

Close collaboration with the competent authorities ensures our software consistently complies with the most recent regulations.

User friendly

Easily navigate the application and verifications using our intuitive interface.

Reliable helpdesk

Have a question or need assistance? Our helpdesk is a trustworthy partner. We will gladly help you by telephone or by email.

  • First Manager

    • Close your accounts efficiently
    • Digital accounting record
    • Detailed financial reports
    • Easy to use
    • Standardised way of working
    • Personalised reporting
    • Integration with First Tax Declarations
    • Integration with First Annual Accounts
  • First Tax Declarations

    • Create Tax Declarations efficiently
    • Corporate tax
    • Non-residents tax (corporate)
    • Legal Person Tax
    • Easy deposit in Biztax
    • Real-time verifications
    • Accurate calculation
    • Deposit in envelope
  • First Annual Accounts

    • Easily create Annual Accounts
    • File XBRL-files at the NBB
    • File PDF-files at the NBB
    • Schemes for companies and NPOs
    • Statistical survey
    • NBB verifications and additional verifications
    • Financial analyses over 5 periods
    • Compatible with most accounting software


What does Companyweb Offer you?

  • Daily updated company data
  • Annual Accounts - Financial Reports (including ratios)
  • Scans of all company charters, published as appendices of the Belgina Offical Journal as of 1990 (charters online)
  • Company status (bankruptcy, account clearance, merger, acquisition)
  • Participations
  • Follow-up (a maximum number of 50 companies can be selected for permanent fllow-up of all changes via e-mail)
  • Business intelligence that allows you to compare one reference company to three other companies
  • Registered contractors
  • Activity codes (Nacebel)
  • Print-out of business reports
  • Integration in more than 15 accounting software tools

Companyweb uses the financial analysis generated by First Annual Accounts. You can create financial analyses like those in First Annual Accounts of every company that has deposited annual accounts at the NBB..

Syneton primarily focuses on developping software for accountancy offices, financial administration firms and audit firms to streamline their activities. This way, they are capable of improving their profitability.  The solutions are conceived in a way that the software is easy to use and to maintain. 

Ciel exist for more than 20 years and supports small companies in managing their daily administrative tasks with an extended software portfolio that is simple, user-friendly, ready to use and adapted to everybody's needs. Moreover, they offer several customised services to support you every day.

First Annual Accounts can be launched diretcly from Ciel Evolution.
 With a single push on the button, the trial balance is exported from Ciel and imported in First Annual Accounts.

Apart from conventional, integrated solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Exact Software develops software solutions for Human Resource Management (HRM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Project Management and electronic workflow. The software is available in 40 languages and is compatible with local legislation.

First Annual Accounts is a partner of Exact for many years. 

SigmaConso’s mission consists of offering a complete portfolio of products and services for statutory, financial consolidation and for reporting to groups, auditors, investors and analysts. Their activities include consultancy, trainings, outsourcing, software development and support. No matter how far your company has advanced, SigmaConso is capable of supporting you with a specific service or solution: your first consolidation, acquisitions, mergers, conversion to other standards and monthly or quarterly consolidations,...

SigmaConso has developed a filter, which allows you to import trial balances in First Annual Accounts. The trial balance exported by SigmaConso also contains figures for the explanatory disclosures, such as acquisitions and depreciations of tangible fixed assets.

WinBooks develops accounting and small ERP software. It offers a range of solutions for financial professionals, accounting firms, SME’s and very small companies. After having started in 2000, WinBooks managed to convince more than 9.000 customers, SMEs and trustees. Winbooks is supported by a network of more than a hundred specialized resellers.

Winbooks sells First Annual Accounts and First Tax Declarations.

Linked Accounting Software

First Annual Accounts is an extension to your accounting software. It is a specialised task within accounting. Only few accounting software tools include an annual account module. Therefore, an efficient alignment between accounting software and software to fill in your annual accounts is very important.

Intersentia wants to collaborate actively with various accounting software developers. Click here for a full overview of all linked accounting software tools.


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