First Manager

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With the module First manager:
  • You maintain an overview of the status of all your files.
  • You can prepare financial reports with ease.

Interaction of First Manager with
First Software products

Within the First Software suite, there are 3 modules that you can combine according to your needs:

  • First Annual Accounts is the application to prepare and submit your annual accounts quickly, efficiently and user-friendly.
  • With First Tax Declarations, you easily prepare corporate income tax, non-resident tax (Companies) and legal entities tax returns.
  • First Manager is the solution to keep an overview of your annual accounts and tax return documents and to easily prepare financial reports based on the available documents.

Document manager

The document manager allows you to quickly filter your documents, based on:

  • type of document
  • period
  • deadline
  • state of affairs (status of the document)

You immediately get a clear overview of the relevant annual accounts and/or tax return documents that fall within your search criteria. For example, you can see at a glance which documents have not yet been finalised before a certain deadline.

Financial reporting


Compile a financial report in a few clicks based on the reports available in First Software:

  • annual accounts
  • internal annual accounts
  • financial ratios
  • tax return (Corporate income tax, non-residents income tax (companies) and legal entities tax)
  • tax calculation
  • detail disallowed expenses
  • tax key figures
  • other personalised attachments

You can also personalise the report with your own company logo!