Who we are

Intersentia, established in 1996, is a publishing house and software company. Sinds our creation, we have grown to become a company with more than 30 highly motivated colleagues and with offices in Antwerp (Belgium) and Cambridge (United Kingdom).

Intersentia is part of Interholding, a media and software group with sister companies in Ghent (Financial Media), Brussels (Jurisquare) and Louvain-La-Neuve (Winbooks).

What we do

Intersentia processes legal and economic information into readily available useful and high quality information for professionals, academics and students. 

The quality of this information is guaranteed through internal and external review processes and especially by our authors. They are each established experts in their field of expertise. 

Today, publishing has become a broad category of activities. That is why we, from the start, have strived to combine the essence of a traditional publisher with the innovative approach of a software company: we offer you our information not only in the form of classic handbooks, but also in the form of user-friendly databases or integrated into efficient software tools.

We make our content accessible in different formats:

  • professional, academic and educational reference knowledge in books;
  • topical knowledge in journals that keep you informed about the latest developments in your field;
  • dynamic knowledge: our books and journals are brought to you in a user-friendly online system; and
  • applied knowledge: efficient and user-friendly software offers you our information as a working tool. 

For whom?

Quality is our trademark and is thus determinate in the selection of our authors, employees and concepts. It is within this framework that we select only the most relevant and high quality information to be transformed into useful knowledge for you as a:

  • financial or legal professional;
  • academic;
  • lecturer, or
  • student.

Why Intersentia?

We distinguish ourselves by combining  the quality of our information, our personal approach and our innovation. Our team makes a difference and guarantees a personal approach. Our innovative thinking enables us to keep our prices reasonable and our quality control results in high customer satisfaction.

Our innovative management, both at the product level and process levels, has made sure that intersentia has a very stable and healthy economic basis. It also enables us to anticipate and react to evolution in the digital market, all in the best interests of our customers and authors!

The proof of our success in each of the markets we are active in, has been delivered by the numerous prizes our products and organisation have been awarded.

For the higher education market, Intersentia uses electronic course material and publishes the most important reference works.

In the academic market, Intersentia is listed as one of the most prestigious publishers worldwide according to the Norwegian ranking. The numerous academic prizes and awards our authors have received are additional proof of this.

Our software tools for the professional market are regularly praised as the best in the market.

All this demonstrates that Intersentia is your reliable partner as a knowledge and software provider, publisher and employer.