About us

Samen klaar voor morgen

Together, as one company and one knowledge partner, we support you in your day-to-day work, today and tomorrow.

The legal and tax world changes rapidly. Digitisation, growing regulation and increasingly well-informed and demanding clients can be quite a challenge. To support you as well as possible, Larcier, Indicator, Intersentia and Bruylant have joined forces. We are leading publishers in all legal and tax fields: we each focus on our own target group, ranging from academics to legal, tax and accounting professionals, as well as to managers, liberal professions and the self-employed.

Since 1996, Intersentia has offered high-quality legal and business information for the professional and educational market.

In an increasingly regulated and digitised context where transparency is key, our aim is to help you work better and more efficiently. That is why our products are always based on your daily activities and your specific needs, and perfectly combine quality, personal approach and innovation. The result: digital products tailored to your own approach. We want to support you in the long run and therefore, we will keep on working on new and innovative solutions based on the latest technologies. Now and even more so in the future.

First Software was added to our product range in 2000 as post-accounting software for accountancy and auditing firms.

The First Software team can be found at Intersentia in Mortsel. Intersentia, Indicator and Larcier now share their expertise both technically and in terms of content, which means that we can continually improve First Annual Accounts, First Tax Declarations and First Manager to meet your needs as a tax specialist or financial expert.

Smooth cooperation with the competent public authorities results in software that is always in compliance with the most recent legislation. Every day, our software team works hard to enrich the First Software products with additional qualitative and innovative functionalities.

On 28 September 2018, Intersentia joined Lefebvre Sarrut Belgium, the Belgian branch of the group Éditions Lefebvre Sarrut.